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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Village People were no where to be seen! Y - M - C - A

After two very long years, today was my first day back to the YMCA for exercise class.  The instructor was the same one I had two years ago - -  and she remembered me!  :D  I use to love going to the Y for swimming and exercise.  It just became too much to pay for though.  With me being a stay at home mom, our funds are VERY limited.  At the time, my wonderful hubby was working in auto sales and we all know how the market was back then.  Things got really tough.  We had to reduce, reduce, reduce.  One of the places we reduced was by getting rid of our membership to the Y.

It broke my heart to get rid of it because I was doing very well.  I had lost about 30 pounds at that time.  My stamina was up.  I usually HATE any type of physical activities, but I looked forward to going and getting my work out.  It made for a better , more focused day.  So last week when I mentioned to my hubby (who has a much better non-commissioned job) that I would like to go to the Y again.  He said that he would do anything to provide money for the membership.  He has been super supportive during this whole weight loss surgery thing.  He just wants to continue to be there for me in any capacity that he can. 

We went last week and signed up!!  We are now members of the Y AGAIN.  You just don’t know how ecstatic this makes me.

So this morning while our son was getting ready for school, I threw my hubby’s swim trunks to him and said, “Get ready, we are going to the Y.”  He looked at me in his half-sleep stupor and said, “Ok”.  After  we dropped munchkin off at school, we made a bee-line for the Y.  I was a little nervous when I went in.  Most were a little older than me.  Most were not there when I went 2 years ago.  Most are not my pleasantly plus size!  Running through my head were awful things like, “Are they going to think to themselves – gosh she sure is fat!”  “Look at that whale”  “Well, she needs to be here”.  I mean, myself conscious was all over the place.  My dear hubby sat with me until the class started and then he went and dunked himself into the pool.

One lady remembered me and was very helpful with what I needed to get (mat, exercise ball, etc.).  She kinda took me under her wings.  The instructor kept her eyes on me and would let me know that I was doing awesome.  She had to alter a few exercises for me since getting on the floor, on my back is quite a fete.  She told my hubby after class that I really surprised her when I did NOT stop and continued through the whole hour!  There were no breaks for this gal.  I was not really out of breath during the class.  I drank 20 ounces of water during the class.  I also broke a sweat! 

Well, this turned out longer than I expected.  I now have to go make dinner.  I have no idea what I am going to make!  Any suggestions?


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