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Friday, April 8, 2011

My first real non scale VICTORY!!!

I have yet to have a real non scale victory.  I have been up and moving around and well, just doing things on the weekends.  Since my hubby has taken a new job, and now has the weekends off, it is easier for us to go and do things together as a family.  We have been over to the Outlet mall walking around and going different places, but this past weekend was so different.

We decided at the last minute to go to Disney World.  We are annual pass holders and try to spend a good bit of time over there.  I recently came in contact with a couple from our past who we have not seen in about 6 years.  While over at Disney we decided to take a moment and go have dinner with them Saturday night.  They did not know that I had lapband surgery.  I stuck to my diet and did very well.  I told them about the surgery and they were very supportive.  We were so thankful for getting together with them.  This is a friendship that we both want to keep active!!

Ok, so anyway, back to the victory.  Sunday we got up and had breakfast at our hotel.  Hubby and son decided that they wanted to go swimming since they didnt get to go swimming the night before.  I have yet to really go swimming because of the way the bathing suites DONT fit over my flap of flat in the front where my stomach is.  So, I packed up our stuff and waited for the boys.  After they came back and we loaded the car and they had showers, we were off.  I had made noon reservations at the Rose and Crown inside Epcot.  For anyone who doesnt know, that's pretty far back into the park.  We were running a little later than what I wanted.  I kept trying to rush the boys, but, well, it just wasnt happening.  So we get through the front gates and it is 15 minutes until our reservations. 

I looked at my husband and he said, "You set the pace and we will keep up."  OK!  Usually, when we are in the parks my husband is the pep-stepper and I am slowly following.  I have to keep telling him to SLOW DOWN!  I am usually out of breath, sweaty, and in back pain.  I really thought that we were going to be late and I was going to be suffering because of it.  I know, I know, still the "fat" way of thinking! 

So off we go.  I just keep walking and walking.  I would turn my head every so often and make sure that the boys were behind me.  We reach Canada in no time.  The next country is where we need to be.  I make a bee-line right for the restaurant.  We get to the podium and I look at the girl and tell her who we are and that we have reservations.  She gives us our little vibrating thingie and tells us to have a  seat.  I look at my husband and the poor guy has sweat pouring off of him, red faced, back hurting and breathing heavy.  I felt so bad for him.  NOT!!  My non scale victory is that I was not experiencing ANYTHING!!  No hard breathing, no sweat, no nothing!  I was amazed!!  I could not believe it.  He told me that I did great and totally out-walked him. 

We decided to split our day up with Magic Kingdom.  Usually the ramp that goes up to the monorail kills my back and I get out of breath - but not on this day!  It was such an easy climb!!  We had a great time and closed the park that night.  When we left, the line for the trams to the parking lot were LONG.  We had parked in one of the furthermost parking lots.  When we saw the line, we knew it was going to be at least 15 + minutes before we even got on a tram.  So my wonderful hubby asked, "Do you want to walk to the car?"  Now in the past I would have looked at him like he had 3 eyes and 8 ears with a orange nose, but I looked at him and said, "Why not, we have walked all day!"  So off we go.  It took us 7 minutes to walk it.  Once again, he was sweaty, tired, breathing heavy, etc, but I was not!!

So that's my first real non scale victory!!  I am still floating on air about it and am just, well, amazed!!  Have you had a non scale victory you would like to share?

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