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Monday, April 11, 2011

Life's a beach!

This was our scene last night at sunset at the beach.  It was the perfect end to a great weekend.  

It is so hard to be able to plan to do anything on Saturday because my hubby is at school most of the day.  We both are middle aged college students!  lol  One of his classes (Humanities) required him to visit a local museum and write a report on a piece of art that "moved" him.  We decided to go to the Salvador Dali museum.   I have never really been that big into Salvador Dali, but the museum is awesome!!  There is a gift shop and cafe on the first floor.  Oh the smells that were coming from the cafe.  Luckily I had a snack of greek yogurt before I left home, so I was not hungry.  This Lapband does not turn my sniffer off though and I felt like I was in Food Heaven!

It was really neat to take our six year old with us to the museum.  I am so glad that we are subjecting him to the arts and different cultures.  We spent a little over an hour there and walked around all of Dali's art asking my son what he thought about certain pieces.  His little mind just blows me away.  Some of the things that he came up with made us stand back and go "Hhhhmmmm, he could be right!"  He thought that the art was "super funny mom" and in actuality - it is!  My hubby found the one he wanted to write about.  It is called Portrait of My Dead Brother.  While it is very interesting, it was not my favorite.  Mine was Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea.  It is really neat because if you try to take a picture of this one, it forms into a portrait of Abraham Lincoln!  It does it if you stand about 20 meters from it too.  
After we left there we went over to the St. Petersburt Pier.  This pier has been in this same spot since 1899.  Its really neat because the shape is an inverted triangle.  There is not a lot there, but the scenery is beautiful.  There are a couple of restaurants and a few shops that are interesting.  We took our little one into one store where the owner is a paleontologist.  (Did I spell that right?!?! lol)  Most all of his artifacts are ones that he dug up himself.  He had one in there of a dinosaur that came right from St. Pete!  He was giving little shark teeth to my son left and right.  He came home with about 10 small shark teeth.  It was really neat.  We went up to the observation deck where I caught this picture of the coast line.

Sunday, well, we were going to go to church, but we just could not get the gumption to go.  So instead we went to the movies and then to the flea market.  I needed a new cutting board and we got some veggies while there.  I cant wait to figure out what to do with my onions, bell peppers and squash.  YUMMO!!  However, with flea markets - it was just plain ole HOT.  It is just too hot for spring time.  It shouldnt be this hot until summer time.  So we came home, had lunch and then decided in late afternoon to take our munchkin to the beach!!  YAY!!  
He loves the beach so much, and we do to.  We were there for an hour before the sun started to set. Our boy got to play in the sand and get a little wet.  It's funny because he would rather build and dig in the sand than get in the water!  It was a beautiful evening and I was able to play with my camera!  While there, we noticed a couple with a professional photographer having their pictures made everywhere.  They had just gotten married.  Of course, I had to snap away from a distance because it was such a romantic view.  My pictures came out a little dark, but overall kinda good. 

 Aaaawwwwwweeee, isnt that sweet?

So, all in all, we had a great weekend with beautiful views!  One thing I noticed about my weight loss this weekend is that I didnt tire as easily as I use to before surgery. The trek across the sand at the beach was not bad at all!!  Every day I seem to be finding things that I can do once more!  Well, let's see what the week will bring!



  1. Hi Lap Band Gal! I have been reading yours for a while! Welcome to my corner of the world. :D