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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm gonna make you an offer you cant refuse!

What a day!  My lil guy is no longer a first grader!!  We had a pool party at one of the homes of his school mates.  He had a great time.  There was food all over the place.  The only protein they had was hotdogs.  So, I had a hotdog without the bun.  I also had a small slice of watermelon.  The host kept trying to push more food on me.  I guess they are use to fat people eating more.  Cake, ice cream, chips…. You name it, I think they had it.  Finally I just came right out and told them that I do not eat a lot since I have had lapband surgery.  “Oh, ok” was the reply and she soon walked away.  Was it something I said?

Anyway, continuing on from yesterday.  What was this offer that we could not refuse?  Brent and our friend worked together at Emeril’s in Orlando for over 3 years together.  I was on the phone with the wife on Friday and told her (unloaded in tears) about everything that happened.  Very calmly she told me to pack our backs, pick up our son from school and head to Orlando because we (all 4 adults) had some things to talk about and decide. 

So we said ok.  I packed our bags quickly, picked the munchkin up from school and was Orlando bound.  Then I remembered that I forgot to pack my pj’s.  Oh No!!  Had to stop and spend $$ on pj’s that I forgot since I cant sleep naked.  Not that I would anyway since our son still comes into our room in the morning.  After our detour, we finally made it to Orlando.  Here our friend is, an executive chef with Cheesecake Factory, and his wife prepares fish sticks and frozen pizza for us.  LOL  LOL  LOL  I love it!!  She told me that he would be horrified if he knew that she was not cooking for us.  I nibbled on a few fishsticks and had salad. 

After he got home – with a slice of cheesecake (damn him, lol) – we had our talk.  He told Brent that he knows a lot of people in other restaurants and could have a job for him immediately.  They proposed that we move into their home with them and their 3 kids RENT FREE!!  Yep!  I joked around all weekend and told them that we couldn’t do that.  But they kept asking.  Well, not really asking, but telling us that we were moving in. 

On our way home we really started to discuss it and decided it REALLY does make sense.  After they take out what they are taking from Brent’s paycheck, we will not have money to pay bills and live on.  I called our friends back and told them that we would take them up on their offer, but only if Brent could get a job.  Mike, our friend, immediately called his contacts (I was on the phone with his wife) and had a job lined up for Brent within minutes.  Brent is going to meet with the executive chef of another restaurant on Monday.  Brent has worked with him before also, and they both kinda remember each other.  If all goes well, and their personalities are compatible, then Brent will accept the job (HE HAS NO CHOICE OR I WILL HURT HIM – LOL). 

It looks like within the next month we will be moving to Orlando.  This is great for us because it will allow us to save a lot of money and will give us the type of support system that we miss by not being near family.  Right now, all we have are a few people that we have met, but not like family.  Our friends are like family.  Their words were, “Come up here and let us show you love.  We know you have no family near so we will be your adopted family.”  Love, love, love them!!  Oh, and in case you were wondering if I ate the cheesecake he brought home – only 2 bites!!  Moderation!  Before, I would have gobbled it up in 2 seconds.


  1. Can I just say...WOW!! I'm so glad to hear your news! Did God take care of you or what?!! Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to reading how it all goes.

    Also, way to be a pro and only eat a couple bites of cheesecake!

  2. Hey Stacy, I gave you an award. Check it out on my blog:

    Looking forward to reading 10 things about you!

  3. I'm glad things are working out for you. It must have been very stressful. I don't know about US employment law, but I doubt employers can just take pay like that - especially when it's their fault. Are you going to consult with a lawyer, and check if there are options for you to recover the money?

  4. Thank you Kiwi! It has been very stressful, but we are getting it all under control. Unfortunately, they can take his pay. We spoke with the Dept. of Labor and they told us that everything the employer was doing was legal. We havent been able to get an attorney to talk to us without a consultation fee. We cant afford the fee right now. All we can do is pray that God will take care of this company. My hubby is not the first person they have done this to.