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Friday, June 3, 2011

He's looking for a new job!

Well, my hubbys job wants him to pay back the money.  They refused to accept responsibility for any wrongdoing.  They admitted that within the past two years they have had another issue exactly like his!  Sucks for us!!  They would not work with any of his suggestions on how to recoup the money (tuition reimbursement, etc).  They were trying to get $300 per paycheck from him.  He became upset, but never showed it.  They told him that if we REMOVE all of our insurances (health, dental, vision, health care savings) that this is where the $300 could come from.  WHAT??  We need insurance. They told him that since he was upset he could go home, but they expected to resolve this today.  Oh, and they AUTOMATICALLY took his PAID TIME OFF (vacation pay) to pay back some of this money.  I dont think that is legal.  We will get through this.  He told them that he was head of household and that his wife does not work due to our son and his medical issues.  So they decided to spread it out a little further and make it $150 per paycheck.  Still something we can not afford.  He told him the most he could afford is $25 per paycheck.  So, we have tried to call attorneys to see if what they are doing is legal, but they all want $200 consultation - that we dont have.  He called out today and told them that he was just too distraught to come in.  He is sitting beside me on his laptop putting his resume on different websites, calling staffing companies, etc.  I dont know what he is going to do next week.  It's not that we dont want to pay the money back - we just cant afford to on their terms.  What to do, oh what to do??!!?!

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