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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get outta my mind!

Decisions, decisions!  What do we do?  It is so hard trying to keep my eating under control during this stressful time.  I want pizza, ice cream, hamburgers, etc, etc.  You know, all the bad things for you.  I know this is mental.  I know it is stress.  I pray I get a handle on it soon. 

Well, yesterday when my hubby went into work, they had a nice, lovely letter waiting for him to sign that stated that he AGREED to their terms (even though he didn’t) and that if his employment ended (fired or quit) then he is still responsible to pay back the money and they will take us to court and make us pay their attorney fees, etc.  He told his HR rep that he was not comfy signing without his attorney to look at it.  She wrote him an email and told him that if it was not signed by 4pm, then they would take his paycheck.  Yeap, all of it. He wouldn’t get anything.  Nothing to live on or pay rent.  Oh My Gosh!  He had to sign it.  I told him to go to his supervisor and inform her that he was very stressed and under duress when signing it.  Oh how I hope this does not turn into a legal fight with them. 

On the other hand, we have friends in Orlando that we like to stay with when we go there.  These friends are the bestest in the whole world!!  The whole story starts years ago when I first met my hubby.  We had just started dating and I wanted my friend to meet him.  I really wanted her opinion of him.  She thought he was the greatest.  While we were out having fun that night, my hubby called his friend and invited him to join us.  Then you can guess what happened: boy meets girl, etc.  They fell in love and got married.  My hubby had played matchmaker and somehow knew that they would hit it off.  Our son and their daughter were born exactly 2 weeks apart.  During this whole saga with Brents job, they made us an offer we could not refuse. 

Ok, gotta go pick up my lil one from school in a minute.  I will be back tomorrow to tell more about the too good to be true offer.  Have a great day everyone.

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  1. I'm so glad that I read this post after the most recent one. It makes me so angry to read about how unfairly they treated your husband!

    Read Psalm 9 for comfort, David talks about people that are out to get him. And it helps to know that God is just and hears our prayers!