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Friday, May 20, 2011

Updates and NSV!

Hello!  Good day!  Thank God it's FRIDAY!! lol  It has been one of those weeks.  After being sick, Zach finally went back to school on Tuesday.  What a blessing that was, cause he was driving me up the walls. lol  Bless his lil heart, he is so ADHD it is not funny.  We have to jack him up on adderall to make him behave through the day and then he doesnt sleep at night.  Well, the meds are not what keeps him from sleeping at night.  He has always been like that.  He was sneaking out of the house (going over baby gates with cowbells and unlocking doors) at 2 yrs of age.  Yeap, he's my lil escape artist.  We have to medicate him to make him sleep at night.  I think we finally found the right combo because he is finally starting to get REALLY consistent sleep.  On top of what the DR prescribes him, we have also started to give him sleepytime tea at night.  He doesnt care for the taste, but I have told him that he must drink it - no options!

So, earlier in the week I posted that I was at a 45 lb loss.  I went earlier in the week to get a fill in my band.  I went from having about 5ccs to have 6 in my 14 cc band.  I tried to eat a piece of chicken breast last night and must have had too big of a bite because it hurt like a mofo going down.  For about 20 minutes I hurt so bad.  I walked, I drank, I sat!  Finally it passed.  SMALL BITES!!!  Must remind myself.  I can not eat like I use to.  I guess that is something we all eventually go through.  It's so hard though.  It's hard to change the way you once did things for your whole life.  I knew when I started this that it was life changing, and I am committed to do it, but sometimes - subconsciously - I just slip right back to that old habit.

I made my hubby go with me to my DR appt.  He was not there for my first fill, so I wanted him to see exactly what I go though when I get it and how it doesnt hurt.  He was so into it.  He's so funny.  He really should have been a doctor because this type of stuff just fascinates him.   So, at the end, after my fill, he looks at the doctor and ask, "What do I need to do to have this surgery?"  I almost fell off the table.  He is not morbidly obese, but obese non-the-less.  His BMI is about 39.  I was so happy that he wants to take the steps to do the surgery.  I told him when I was first starting on this journey that he should do it too.  Our insurance at the time paid for it.  Our insurance now - we just found out - does not!!  So, if he wants it, he is going to have to fight the insurance company to get it.  Another girl he works with did the same, and they finally approved her surgery about 2 years ago.  Stay tuned for updates on hubby!!

Ok, so the NSV!!  I have been getting in and out of my car and totally not paying attention.  But yesterday, when I went to pick Zach up from school, I noticed something I had not noticed before.  I dont know how long it has been this way, but it is and I am excited because of it.  MY STOMACH NO LONGER RUBS THE STEERING WHEEL IN THE CAR!!  Yeap, every time I  would get in the car, my stomach was rubbing all over the steering wheel.  Now - I have about an inch between me and the wheel.  How did I not notice this?  So, all my peeps, what is your NSV for the week?  I would love to hear from all of you!!  It encourages me and keeps my spirits up. 


  1. OMG - you deserve a medal! It must be so nerve-wracking wondering where Houdini is going to escape to next!

    Great NSV.. and I hope your husband gets insurance cover.

  2. Lol, thanks Kiwigirl! I have had 6 yrs of ADHD bootcamp!! I try to look at it as a blessing. Now that I knock him out to sleep, he doesnt escape like that anymore. I have a few more stories that I might have to post of his nighttime adventures.

    Thanks on the NSV and insurance coverage.

  3. Yay for your NSV! Keep us posted on the husband. Is there no hope for his insurance to cover?

  4. His insurance does not cover it at all. We would have to fight them and prove that his health is just horrible, etc, etc, before we can force them to pay for it, and we still may not be able to get them to pay. His employer has elected not to have that coverage in their insurance. :(