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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sick Sick Sick

Oh my gosh!  My little one and I have been sick for over a week.  He finally went back to school today and I feel like I am in the population of living people again.   I had every intention of writing sooner, but, well... when you have the flu you kinda dont want to take your head off a pillow.  Mixed with a 6 yr old who is equally as sick is not a good thing either.

Ok, so now that we are all better, I can give an update to my weight.  I am now officially 295 lbs.  I have lost a total of 45 lbs since starting this journey.  I am in TWOTERVILLE!!!  YAHOOOOOOO!!! 

I also wanted to wish all the mommies a Happy Mommies Day, even if I am late wishing it!!  Ok, gotta clean the house now.  You know, my job is DOMESTIC GODDESS!!  lol

Have a great day everyone and I will work on writing another post soon.  Thanks for stopping by.

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