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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

O-M-G I had.....

ICE CREAM yesterday!!  UGH!  I just couldnt help myself.  It looked SOOOOO good and it was just calling my name.  Hello, my name is Stacy, and I am a ice cream addict.  Yeap, that's me.  I could keep away from other things, but dagnabbit, put the ice cream in front of me and I start to sweat, my mouth starts to salivate, I start to tremble. lol Ice cream is my weakness.  Get thee away from me ICE CREAM!!  I must say that I have maintained -  no loss no gain.  I am still at a 45 lb loss.

I do hope everyone had a blast yesterday.  We grilled huge hamburgers with swiss cheese and fresh basil (from my garden) stuffed in them.  I was only able to eat half of one and I have the other half tonight for dinner.  Leftovers tonight!! We got hotdogs for our son because I knew he wouldnt eat the hamburgers.  He is picky!!

Ok, got a gripe.  Be mean to me - I can take it!  Be mean to my son and you are going to have a momma bear on your hands. We raise our son to treat others the way he would want to be treated.  He just wants to play with everyone and be happy.  Of course, as an only child (and almost 7 yrs old) he wants to play what he wants to play!  I am working with him on that.  I have been informing him if he wants to have others play nicely with him, then he needs to be nice also.  One little girl who is 9 yrs old (we will call her Haddy) will come over and play with him (and usually try to eat my cucumbers when I bring a snack out).  Today, I had not eaten a whole lot so I told her no to the cucumbers.  She then walked away and told my son that she couldnt play today!  HELLO?!?!??!  So, the only reason you will play with him is because I give you a couple of cucumbers?  So, she walks off and three other boys (ages 8-11) came over to play with her.  We live in a duplex and our drive way is shared by our family, Haddy's family and another family.  They sit where my son can see them.  Of course, he wants to play with them.  I barely heard her, but I am pretty sure at one point she told my son to "Go away, we dont want to play with you!"  They are entitled!  I get it.  They dont have to play with him.  But he has some medical issues which makes it hard for him to understand that they do not have to play with him.  I have even told Haddy about the issues and she was aware of this when she was ugly to him today.  He is very sensitive and cries really easy when his feelings are hurt.  I got mad.  I told him that they do not have to play with him.  He was so distraught that he wanted to come in, so inside we came.  Our other neighbor was pulling up and I told him what went on.  He is aware of the issues with my son.  He went down there and jumped on all three boys (b/c they were tearing his garbage can up) and put a big ole  guilt trip on Haddy.  He told all of them, including Haddy, not to come any where near our houses since my son and his daughter are too little to play with. 

So, what would you do in this situation?  I have always been nice to the kids around here.  I feel like I should treat them just as Christ would treat me.  It would not have hurt them to include my son in some type of play with them.  I know that they didnt want a mom-figure around.  Several of the little guys swear when they do not have a parental figure around.  I am just beside myself.  My lil guy has his feelings hurt and came in and cried for the longest because "nobody wants to play with me!"


  1. You probably already know this, and it is super difficult but right. Repay meanness with kindness. Also, it's nothing to love those who love you, but what sets you apart is that we are called to love even those who are not kind to us.

    Just a thought, I'm a momma bear with a sensitive sweetheart of a boy too :)

  2. I never ever liked icecream much before being banded, it was something I had like once per year. Now that it is something I can eat so easily, I want it all the time lol. Got to be careful with those stupid slider foods! ugh!! =)


  3. Yay, check that app out, I hope you like it! The best part for me is the app on my phone. I can't always get near my laptop, but my phone is closer than my right hand (although, I'm a lefty)!